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SpringHill Christian Camp Safety Policy

Safety Checks


High adventure activities are inspected annually by Experiential Systems Incorporated (ESI), an independent, certified high adventure vendor.

Visit the ESI website at


All High Adventure training is conducted according to current ACCT standards. Visit the ACCT website at to learn more.

A staff member cannot lead or oversee an activity until they complete all required training.


In-house trained staff members conduct daily safety checks and inspect the equipment prior to use. Inspections include all activity elements and equipment, including ropes, carabiners, rifles, paintball markers, waterslides, tubes, etc. They are trained to remove any worn or compromised equipment immediately


All buildings are swept frequently for potential safety and security issues.


Equipment and Activity Safety

Highly trained leadership and staff members oversee each activity and are responsible for the safety of each specific area. In most cases, there are two staff members for each activity to ensure campers follow recommended safety protocols. We prioritize experienced staff members with a Lead Specialist whose primary responsibility is overseeing the safe use of the equipment. Camp Counselors and Trained/Certified Activity Specialists generally work together to ensure safe and enjoyable experience.

The job of the Lead Specialist is to conduct safety training and oversight of the Activities. They will observe Activity Specialists and Camp Counselors as they interact with campers to ensure they follow all safety procedures. The Lead Specialist also keeps track of equipment and pulls aside anything that is not functioning properly. Lead Specialists also conduct in-service training with staff to increase their understanding of safety protocols and ensure they know how to properly use all safety equipment required for campers to have a fun and safe experience.

Leadership staff members have access to the Activities Manager and Activities Coordinator if they have questions or need support during an activity.

Personal Safety

The personal safety of campers is our number one priority.

Our two-deep staffing policy prohibits any staff member from being alone in a private location with a camper. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. If a camper needs to leave the group to retrieve an item left at the cabin, an activity, or another building, two people must accompany the camper. This could include two staff members, or a staff member and a second camper.

All one-on-one conversations between a staff member and a camper must be in view of others. Failing to follow this policy will result in immediate disciplinary action of the staff member.

To support parents, we provide educational material with steps parents can take to keep their children safe while they are away from home. We encourage policies and initiatives created by the American Camp Association (ACA). One policy we embrace at SpringHill is “No Touch Zones,” which alert children to inappropriate behavior and teach them how to respond if they become uncomfortable.

We implement the “NO Touch Zone” system as part of our staff safety and training materials because it effectively teaches children self-protection. We encourage parents to learn more about this policy and other safety information from the ACA here, and click on “Child Protection Information.”