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Your Youth Fall & Winter Weekend Retreats Await

Seasons of Worship and Praise

Join us at SpringHill, where cool adventures warm hearts and change lives.


A Fall or Winter Youth Retreat filled with Spiritual Discovery and Joyful Adventures.

Seasons of Worship and Praise

At SpringHill, we share your dedication and passion for helping your preteens and teens grow closer to Jesus.

We pay close attention to insights from youth leaders and pastors as we create and adjust our programming to ensure it remains relevant and impactful to today’s youth.

To meet the needs of your youth groups, we’ve developed dynamic and engaging fall and winter retreats designed specifically for preteens and teens. These retreats aim to broaden your influence and enhance your ministry while giving preteens and teens the space to set aside worldly distractions and immerse themselves in fun and worship as they experience God’s love.


SpringHill Experiences invites preteens and teens to come as they are.

  • To vanquish the noise from an unforgiving world and listen to God’s Word.
  • To remain tender-hearted as they discover the teachings of the Bible.
  • To feel spiritually nourished by the loving message of Jesus Christ.

During their weekend retreat…

  • They will leave the familiar and explore new things.
  • They will forsake a world that compares them to AI perfectionism and embrace their inner beauty.
  • They will fall in love with the Gospel of Christ.

When they open their ears, they will hear God whisper, “You are loved, cherished, and valued, just as you are!”


5 Reasons Pre-teens and Teens Love Fall and Winter Retreats at SpringHill



Students love our famous ziplines, high ropes, indoor pool, exciting games, and friendly competitions.


Forge Bonds

With like-minded Christians who support and strengthen their resolve to walk with Jesus and live Christ-like lives.



Youth groups learn about Jesus through Gospel-focused worship, engaging speakers, inspiring worship bands, and small group discussions.



Preteens, middle schoolers, and high schoolers attend group retreats with church youth leaders and pastors they know and trust.


Safe Environment

SpringHill follows ACA safety guidelines to ensure a safe and fun experience during every aspect of the retreat.


Safety is our #1 Priority

Keeping Children Safe During Winter Retreats

We want students to have a fun, spiritual, and SAFE weekend at SpringHill. To ensure we create and support a safe retreat environment for your group, we have implemented the following protection measures at our retreat centers:

  • Trusted local church youth leaders and volunteers come with their campers, stay in the cabins with campers, and experience a weekend at SpringHill alongside their campers.
  • Churches are encouraged to keep a 1:7 Adult camper ratio while on SpringHill property
  • Follow ACA child-safety protocols
  • Background checks for employees and volunteers
  • Extensive training for seasonal and full-time staff
  • On-site First Aid and CPR-trained staff
  • Boys and girls bunk separately>
  • Conduct safety checks on equipment prior to each use.



Is financial aid available?

Many church groups offer scholarships for students based on financial need. Due to generous donors, we can assist on a case-by-case basis.


The SpringHill Way


God Immersed

Recognizing that it is God through Christ who works to change the lives of young people, not our programming and planning.



Being a welcoming place for all kinds of young people regardless of where they are spiritually, physically, emotionally, or socio-economically.



Specifically designing our programs, facilities, and activities to be creative, relevant, fun, and challenging experiences that kids typically do not have available at home



Making no distinction between faith and fun to help kids discover spiritual truth inside everyday experiences.



Inspired, trained, and professional staff and volunteers who fulfill our mission and vision in alignment with our core values.



Everything at SpringHill happens within small communities that facilitate and enhance relationship.


Have Questions?

  • What activities do you offer during weekend retreats?

    Groups have access to an indoor high ropes course, the gym (volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball tournaments), an indoor pool, individual challenges like crate stacking, crafts, a zipline, group competitions, group games (like an escape room, laser tag, and paintball) and a tubing hill and ice skating (we make our own snow when needed) for Teen Winter Retreats.

  • Are teens and pre-teens grouped together on retreats?

    No. Generally, retreats are age-specific, with preteens, middle schoolers, and high schoolers attending separately. However, some weekends, middle and high school students participate in the same retreat experience.

  • Does SpringHill retreat offer accommodations for those with disabilities?

    We want every child to belong and have a place at SpringHill. During winter retreats, most activities can be adjusted to accommodate youth with physical limitations. Please contact our guest services to discuss your student’s specific needs to ensure an unforgettable experience.



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