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Why SpringHill

Gather, Grow, and Glorify God With US

Welcome to our Spiritual Ministry Where Faith Meets Fun



Creating life-impacting spiritual experiences through Christian camps and retreats since 1969.

Through our year-round camps and retreats, we have supported local churches, communities, and families for over half a century. We create experiences that help young people (and the young at heart) deepen their connection with Jesus Christ, embracing His teachings of grace, hope, and love. We deliver engaging and faith-driven activities, inspirational speakers, and worship teams to spread the message of Jesus Christ, introduce people to the Gospel, and help participants on their faith journey.

Our Mission

To glorify God by creating life-impacting experiences that enable young people to know Jesus Christ and to grow in their relationship with Him.

Our Vision

As the Lord wills, SpringHill will be a missional ally with families and like-minded ministries to grow disciples of Christ.


Core Values We Embrace That Will Make You Love SpringHill


Contagious Joy

We create life transforming experiences by combining faith and fun, innovation, and the hope of the Gospel.


Relationally Focused

We work within the context of personal, loving and caring relationships with campers, guest, staff and the ministry leaders we serve.


Adventurous Faith

We leave room for God to work His miracles by being open to taking risks, knowing He can do immeasurably more than we can imagine.


Holy Discontent

We are always striving to grow in Christ through professional curiosity, continuous improvement, and professional and personal sanctification.


How we do what we do

The SpringHill Way shapes our approach to developing experiences and programs, all aimed at positively impacting the lives of everyone who comes to SpringHill.

All aspects of the SpringHill experience are intentionally developed to accomplish desired spiritual outcomes. Our core philosophy and principles are established and recognized for their effectiveness, transferability, and scalability.

Our programs, speakers, and worship teams are biblically rooted, supporting our mission by drawing from the Bible as the foundational source of their faith, teachings, and inspiration.


The SpringHill Way

6 Unique Ingredients that Define Our SpringHill Ministry


God Immersed

Recognizing that it is God through Christ who works to change the lives of young people, not our programming and planning.



Being a welcoming place for all kinds of young people regardless of where they are spiritually, physically, emotionally, or socio-economically.



Specifically designing our programs, facilities, and activities to be creative, relevant, fun, and challenging experiences that kids typically do not have available at home



Making no distinction between faith and fun to help kids discover spiritual truth inside everyday experiences.



Inspired, trained, and professional staff and volunteers who fulfill our mission and vision in alignment with our core values.



Everything at SpringHill happens within small communities that facilitate and enhance relationship.


What Makes SpringHill Different


Staff selection

Our team is compassionate toward others and passionate about our mission. We ensure each team member is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally mature, ensuring your child has a safe and memorable experience at SpringHill.

Every staff member goes through a personal interview, reference check, and background check before interacting with campers or retreat participants.

Training includes 40 to 80 hours of intensive job-specific training, certifying that they understand every aspect of camp and can operate all equipment safely and efficiently.

To provide the best experience at summer camps, we keep our overnight camper-to-counselor ratio at 8:1 and 7:1 for younger kids.


Outreach includes everyone

We ensure every child feels welcomed and included. To help children who need extra support, we provide 1:1 or 2:1 care at no additional cost.

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Educational methodology

Our counselors and activity staff employ a variety of engaging methods to convey spiritual truths effectively. They might present new ideas or Biblical truths through morning devotionals, live skits, spontaneous teachable moments, interactive Bible studies, and campfire discussions.


Spiritual Growth Outcomes

After a SpringHill experience, we ask participants how they grew in Christ during their time with us.

Below are the survey results from the 2023 Summer Camp:

  • 87% want to grow more in their relationship with God.
  • 70% of elementary campers know Jesus loves them.
  • 65% of elementary campers want Jesus to be in every part of their lives.
  • 83% better understand what Jesus did for them.
  • 61% of all teenage camper had an experience with Jesus at camp.
  • 76% want to pray more.
  • 75% want to tell others about Jesus.
  • 75% want to read their Bible more.

After attending camp:

  • 35% of teenage campers are learning to serve and sacrifice like Jesus.
  • 1613 total campers put their faith in Jesus for the very first time at camp.
  • 90% of parents were satisfied or very satisfied with their child’s counselor.
  • 89% of parents were satisfied or very satisfied with the spiritual growth that took place at SpringHill.